IBIO: lose weight successfully in 24 days!

Lose weight and detox your body in a natural and healthy manner. The IBIO treatment takes 24 days and allows you to lose weight in a simple and effective way and with long-lasting results.

The specially developed combination of high-quality IBIO ampoules and IBIO multi-vitamins, together with TV chef Caspar Burgi's specially devised diet, will ensure that you meet all your daily requirements with regard to vitamins and minerals and that you will see a reduction in excess fat only in those areas where that is required, such as stomach, buttocks, upper arms, thighs and hips, without you having to go hungry.

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IBIO enables the body to burn off excess fat and allows you to maintain your normal eating routine. You start each day with an IBIO ampoule and the IBIO multi-vitamins, drink 2 litres of water a day and stay off all carbohydrates - the IBIO treatment is that simple. Amazingly, you will experience no loss of muscle tissue and avoid having to deal with the so-called yoyo-effect! Women can lose up to 8% of their body weight and men up to 10% with the IBIO treatment.

You are not alone!

The IBIO team of orthomolecular specialists, professional sports people, a neurobiochemist and sports instructors will give you tips online during your IBIO treatment. What starts off as a way of losing weight will become a way of life in which you are more conscious of what you eat and able to fully enjoy the benefits of a healthy, slimmer and more energetic body!