Can I take my medication during the IBIO treatment?

You can continue taking your medication throughout the IBIO treatment. This also applies to contraceptives. People with diabetes will probably have to adjust their insulin intake so as to avoid hypoglycaemia.
You will eat no carbohydrates or sugars during the course of the treatment. The adjustments may also apply to people taking medication for cholesterol and/or blood pressure. If you would like more information about this, email us at info@i-bio.com.

Can I store the IBIO in the fridge or near a microwave?

Storage in the fridge or near a microwave can have a disruptive effect on the IBIO.

Why is it so important to drink water?

Drinking lots of water means helps to flush out the toxins that are released during the detoxification process. It can also prevent headaches.

Can I follow 2 IBIO treatments in succession?

Yes, no problem. We recommend, however, that you first complete a 6-week period of stabilisation before beginning on a second course of treatment.

Why is the stabilisation period so important?

When you have completed the IBIO treatment, your body will switch over to burning fat in a more effective manner. If you should start eating sugars and carbohydrates immediately after the treatment, however, this will process will be reversed and the fat cells will start growing again. In the stabilisation period you will learn which carbohydrates and fats you are allowed to eat and when.

Can I also use soy products during the IBIO treatment?

Soy products contain carbohydrates. Vegetarians may use them 2x a day as a meat substitute.

Why can't I eat any bananas, strawberries or kiwis during the IBIO treatment?

These fruits are high in sugars. However, you may eat half a grapefruit.

Why can't I eat any grain or flour products during the treatment?

These contain a lot of carbohydrates that are converted into sugar. This will cause the body to switch over to burning carbohydrates and sugar again.

How many glasses of (light) soft drinks can I have each day during the treatment?

Drink as little (light) soft drinks or fruit juices as possible. It is better to drink water. You need to be aware that (light) soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners and that water is much healthier. The sweeteners that you take in from drinking sift drinks will increase your craving for more sugars.

What time should I have my dinner?

Any time you like. It is more important to ensure a proper spread of meals throughout the day.